Abrasive and Diamond Pastes, Diamond Sprays and Thinners

LUKAS polishing pastes and polishing spray with diamond grain are especially suited for polishing, lustre finishing and mirror finishing as well as for finish grinding of extremely hard materials and surface coatings in both irregular and permanent applications. Thanks to the range of grit sizes (between 0.25μ and 30μ) and the concentration of the diamond grains in the polishing paste and the polishing spray, LUKAS diamond paste and diamond spray can be perfectly adapted to the specific application (finish grinding, prepolishing, mirror finishing) and to the method of use (irregular and permanent applications, up to or starting from polishing step two). Polishing paste and polishing spray can be finely dosed.


Diamond pastes

In various quality grades, grit sizes and colours


GS Diamond sprays

In various grit sizes and colours


MWF Thinner

MWF 3003, in 100 ml bottle and in green colour


Lukas - Always the right tool

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